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I am a daydreamer, letterpress lover and proud badge-toting romantic. I love letterpress, living in California, freshly cracked book spines, frozen blueberries, grass under my feet and hunting down treasures at the Alameda Flea Market. I am obsessed with paper, ink, fresh design and the WOW factor! I think my letterpress machine is the second most beautiful thing I have ever seen (the boy is the first) and I am thrilled by the stunning art that comes out of the metal jungle of it. It is the sweetest form of alchemy. I adore working with our brides and each new email from a prospective client is like good creme brulee- I just can't get enough! When I’m not in the studio, you can find me in my pajamas trolling Pinterest for new design finds or engrossed in a new book, laying on a quilt in my favorite park, sunglasses on my face and a pedicure on my toes.

Favorite Color: Green • Favorite Book: Love in the Time of Cholera • Favorite Store: Anthropologie • Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice • Favorite Blog: Oh Joy! • Favorite Magazine: Anthology • Next Place I Want to Visit: Borneo • Can’t Live Without: C and my iPhone • Lucky Number: 9

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I have always been drawn to the idea of running my own business and bringing a smart approach to an artistic field. I like to find new ways to infuse the centuries old form of letterpress printing with the newest, brightest and best technology, to give us maximum creative flexibility and so that we can actualize any client's precise vision. I'm also passionate about the environment and reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. I channel my interest in environmental issues to green our press shop in new ways, such as using reclaimed cotton-based paper products. My focus is making sure our work is of the highest-quality and that each piece receives the utmost attention. When I’m not in the studio, you can find me destroying a Chipotle burrito or kayaking with my brothers.

Favorite Color: Burnt Orange • Favorite Book: Pillars of the Earth • Favorite Store: R.E.I. • Favorite Movie: October Sky • Favorite Place: Yosemite • Favorite Snack: Chipotle • Next Place I Want to Visit: the Galapagos • Can’t Live Without: Alex and my iMac • Lucky Number: 23

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