A Little Birdie Told Me…

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving filled with lots of cheer, smiles and joy!  We certainly did and are so so so excited for the upcoming holiday season.  So excited in fact that Alex just started a pretty vintage ornament collection (see above photo) after being hit with “the spirit.”  The holiday spirit is a mighty persuasive beast.  But at least it has good taste! In that vein we have recently added a new feature for our brides:  Sneak Peek Tweets!  We know how hard it is to wait to receive your invitations in the mail, it’s like waiting to open presents on Christmas morning.  So now we are tweeting (Yay technology!) sneak peak photos of a piece of our clients’ invites before we send them.  Just a little snippet- not enough to share any important details or information on the wide and wicked interwebs.  If you want a little preview before you start stalking the postman just start following us on Twitter and we will tweet some pretty letterpress love.  Sounds fun right?  If you want to add us our handle is, so predictably: AerialistPress.  We tweet other fun stuff too so come find us!

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Studio Visit with Megan Clouse Photography

We were very lucky and Megan of Megan Clouse Photography paid us a visit about a week ago to check out our studio.  Megan is based in Sonoma and takes absolutely stunning photos.  One of the really unique thing about the services she offers are her Elopement Packages, which are discounted for the bride and groom having a private ceremony and shorter day.  I LOVE this idea as not all couples opting for this type of wedding can afford the standard packages most photographers offer but still want the beautiful photos to document their day.

During Megan’s visit we showed her how Roxy (our main press for those of you who aren’t regular readers) works, what we do to prepare and print an order, the logistics of printing, some samples of our work, and of course Bun.  Megan took some fantastic photos during her visit and we just received the disc with the images in the mail TODAY.  That should give you some idea how excited I was to get my little ink stained fingers on them.  I have included a few of my favorites here but to see even more please check out Megan’s post on her blog.

xox, A

A First: Bar Mitzvah Invitations!

This suite was a first for us! Gorgeous, fabulous, bright, happy invitations for a young man’s most important event in the Jewish faith- his Bar Mitvah!  For these invitations we worked with Marek’s incredibly style savvy and creative mother who didn’t overlook any detail.  She chose the Sunshine suite from our house collection and gave us a joyful, exciting color palette that completely delighted me to print this summer.  We used a variety of our house inks: lake, aqua, apple, meteorite, red orange, and marigold and some fun complementary type styles: Baker, Uncle Sam and Copperplate.  What we love most about the Sunshine suite is that it uses a variety of borders and pattern snips to create a playful and fun look that really shines when letterpressed and the impression gives life to the design.  We couldn’t have been happier to see this suite transformed from something wedding to something birthday.  It is the perfect antidote to all the gray, stormy weather November has brought us this past week.  I can’t help but smile!

xox, A

Notecards for the AP

We very rarely print work for ourselves, not because we don’t love it but because we are usually so caught up in our clients’ orders.  About a month ago, while we had some gray ink on the press we decided to do a set of notecards for me that I had gotten plates made up for several months before.  I (obviously) love paper, ink, letterpress, writing notes, all of it, so I was unbelievably thrilled to be able to take some time and print this sweet set.  If you are a regular reader of our blog you probably know that there is another member of the team that we are very fond of: our “press bun” who hangs out in the studio and generally looks cute and charms the clients who come in for appointments.  The notecards feature my name across the top (I’m a little tired of monograms) and my furry friend in the corner.  A family member did the illustration of Bun (hi Dad!) and I think he did an amazing job of capturing the chubby little guy.  When he hunkers down like that you can’t even see his feet, he is a total marshmallow.  I keep the cards in this fantastic orange and warm gray box I found in one of my shopping expeditions along with a cup of buttons and some mini tags, which you can see in the photos.  I have another project I’ve been itching to print for myself so that may materialize soon too.  Until, then, happy weekend!

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Business Cards: Sweet Peas and Seashells Second Edition

Yes, you’re seeing things correctly, we have another business card post this week! I have been an incredibly happy letterpress printer lately with all these fun mini orders.  This particular set is for a client we have worked with before.  We did a first set of Michelle’s business cards last summer and loved working with her.  I think she felt the same because come Fall she was back and ready for more! This time, Michelle changed her design a bit and wanted to go with a more modern and clean look, which of course meant a gorgeous blind deboss (printing without ink).  I think I love this card even more than her last one and I am betting her future clients will too.  Thanks, Michelle, we LOVED working with you again!

Oh yeah…I also went a little wild taking photos of this one with my Coralie Bickford-Smith edition of The Odyessy.  Love!

xox, A

Business Cards: Coquette Events

We don’t often print business cards in our studio because we are pretty much dominated by gorgeous wedding orders but I absolutely love it when we do.  Business cards are fun because they’re small and I think I have mentioned this before but I LOVE small things.  Anything tiny, mini, petite, bite size and I am head over heels for it.  Business cards fall into that category.  There is just something about really lovely compact design and letterpress that gets me.

I was also especially excited about this order because it was for a former wedding client of ours!  Andrea worked with us when we were still very new.  She decided after her wedding that she loved the industry and that event planning was her calling so she teamed up with Jamie and they started the powerhouse new event planning studio Coquette Events.  They are already incredibly successful and beloved by their brides and I can’t say enough good things about their company other than you must BOOK THEM!  The great thing about how they work is that Andrea is based in New York and Jamie is based in San Francisco so they are able to coordinate events on either coast.  It is a brilliant system and allows them to work with so many more clients and truly share their talents.

Their business cards were designed by Jamie’s husband and we just got lucky enough to be asked to print them.  I ended up loving how they turned out so much that I had a mini-photoshoot with them using one of my favorite Coralie Bickford-Smith edition classics.  I am loving how the staging made the shoot look a little vintage.  Enjoy…

xox, A

Jacqueline and Christobal: Lingua Invitation Suite

This suite is actually something we worked on during the madness of the summer months and I have been dying to post about it because both the design and printing were both such fun challenges for us.  The design was one we had created for another destination wedding client getting married in Mexico.  When Jacqueline was describing to me what she was looking for in terms of an invitation style for her wedding I knew that this Spanish damask suite would be perfect for her.  It wasn’t on our website yet as a house design (it is now, you can find the Lingua suite here) but I had a hunch that it was waiting for the right client.  I knew it was meant to be.  And it was.  Jacqueline loved the look and we quickly progressed to wording and customizing the layout.

The challenge here was that Jacqueline and Christopher were inviting guests that spoke two languages: English on Jacqueline’s side and mostly Spanish on the groom’s.  She wanted to include both versions in the suite and so we ended up printing our first double sided invitation as well as a divided, bilingual response card.  We have done bilingual suites before (Armenian, Vietnamese, French and Spanish) but never double sided with English one one side and another language on the opposite side of the same card.  With letterpress it presents a unique challenge due to the impression this type of printing makes on the paper, and the inevitable show-through on the backside with a moderately deep impression (which I know you all are nuts about).  To be able to achieve something like this it is necessary to use 220lb/600gsm Lettra stock instead of our standard 110lb/300gsm Lettra paper and fine tune the impression so as to achieve just enough on both sides to keep the ink distribution even and crisp and the show-through to a minimum.  With this suite we achieved the perfect balance.  While you can see the tiniest bit of a shadow from the backside printing everything is evenly impressed, the damask is crisp, eye-catching and tactiley (I may have made this word up) stunning.  We loved having the chance to do this and are so happy that Jacqueline placed such importance on being inclusive of all her guests.

The other fun challenge while we were working on this suite is that all the communication occurred while Jacqueline was living in Argentina!  We are based in the San Francisco bay area of Northern California, which is I don’t know how many thousands of miles away.  It really made me stop and appreciate the instantaneousness of email and how technology makes it possible for us to connect with brides no matter where they are.  It still gives me chills!

Many congratulations to Jacqueline and her new husband and thank you so much for letting us be part of your day!

xox, A

And a Bicycle Built for Two: Tandem Suite

I have been a little MIA lately, but MIA in the best way: working hard and putting some new ideas down on paper.  I thought I’d start off the return to blogging by posting about one of the things keeping me so busy lately: new house suites!  It had been awhile since we added some fresh new things to fall in love with and my brain was overflowing with ideas so we ended up with four new additions to the site: Gatsby, Exquisite, Stella and Tandem.  They are all completely different and so fun that we are on pins and needles for someone to choose them and let us print!  I think we already have a taker for Gatsby and Exquisite but Tandem and Stella are still open and qualify for our free color promo if you are the first to order.

I think of all the new suites Tandem is the biggest departure from our normal modus operandi designus (love my liberal use of latin?) and I can’t wait to work on more designs in that style.  It is whimsical, sweet, a little modern and totally fun.  It reminds me of San Francisco in the Spring when families are flying kites at the Marina, everyone is on their bike, careening down the hills and each day feels like a sunny celebration.  I have also always wanted to try a bicycle built for two but haven’t gotten around to it yet (maybe it should go on the 30 before 30 list?).  I hope you love this as much as we do, and as of now we are officially back in the blogosphere!  Happy Friday!

xox, A