Some Serious Typos

Nope, not the kind that make you scream because you realized you misspelled your own name on your invite in those panic-stricken wedding nightmares.  I’m talking about some seriously stunning typography.  Lately, I have become a little obsessed with typography ever since my super sweet cousin gave us a poster size letterpressed piece of gorgeousness that is an entire cathedral made out of letters, numbers and glyphs.  Truly breathtaking.  I wish you all could come over to my home and stare at it with me for awhile- that thing is mesmerizing.  Typography is essentially art made out of typefaces in various sizes and styles.  I am itching to try out a project of my own and am thinking a little Valentine’s day something might be just right for a special someone.  Shhh…don’t tell!  So here are a few of my recent favorites…

TypographyPost-1-10Gorgeous right?  The first one is a self-portrait of the artist, with the text in Farsi.  I love Farsi and Arabic script, it looks like art even when it isn’t arranged like this.  Favorite #2 is a digital typography piece- isn’t that zebra adorable?  Did you notice all the intense detail?  Yes, those eyelashes ARE made out of type and it took the artist 3 days to do it.  The third piece is pretty awesome too- the artist hand drew it and used the names of different objects to create them, for example the door is drawn out using the word “door.”  Clever, right?  He has a whole set of them which I highly recommend checking out.  The cute little gray and pink “Hi” is another form of typography where the creator, Ray Fenwick, used “glyphs”- the little swirly bits you can add on to letters- to make some really simple letters pretty fabulous.  And the last one is a completely different example of fun uses of words and letters.  Can you see it?  Nope, the deer isn’t made out of type, but his antlers are constructed to spell out the word “wildlife.”  It is actually a t-shirt design that you can purchase here.

I think I might make it a regular feature on this blog to share some of my favorite typography pieces as I find them.  There is so much out there and they don’t get nearly the attention they deserve.  Are you a fan now?

xox, A

Our B Cards

When we re-branded a few months ago it meant ALOT of things had to change, including our business cards.  We knew that for the new set we wanted something with a major WOW factor that really showed off what we could do.  The impression is what people love about letterpress so we designed our cards to pop! in the middle by pressing the area around the center shape in gray all the way out to the edges on the heavier 220lb Lettra.  Then, on the center shape we printed our logo and personal info, also particularly deep, so these stood out too.  And of course we ran wild and did the thing in two color because two color letterpress just rocks.  After we finished them, I was exhausted because they required a lot of precision printing but I probably started at them lovingly for a good hour.  The thing about giving someone a letterpressed card is that they are more likely to hold onto it because it looks and feels like a little piece of art.  You almost feel guilty just discarding it.  We send one of our b cards to each client that does a sample order and this is pretty much the only time we give them out, but we have gotten some great feedback about them and that always makes us happy.  So without further ado…


xox, A

New House Designs Promotion!

We know that not every bride has the time to work on a couture suite with us from the ground up.  Custom designs, however much we try to make them as easy and uncomplicated as possible, do require a lot of time from the couple.  There is a lot that goes into choosing each detail for your suite and sometimes not everyone’s time budget can accommodate that.  This is partly way we offer House designs, to make life a little sweeter for those in a rush or with other, more pressing commitments.  We have been working non-stop to expand our House section and provide a better range of options that cater to a broader spectrum of styles.  This week we are launching four new house designs: Bordeaux, Wildflower, Cerise and Clare.  Three of these designs are adapted from custom work we have done for other brides that we just fell in love with.  Bordeaux is something we designed as a possibility for another bride, that didn’t make the final cut, but that we think someone else might just fall in love with for their modern, chic winery wedding.


THE PROMOTION:  In addition to resuming the Inspired Suite series on the blog, we will be adding a new House design each week to our selection and offering a little gift to any bride that is the first to order an as yet unprinted house suite.  If you choose one of our house suites that hasn’t been ordered before, we will give you an extra color on any piece free of charge.  Typically, we charge an extra $100 to press a second color on any given piece, since it requires an additional printing.  Currently, these are the suites that haven’t yet been given letterpress love by our clients:

UntakenHouseHouse designs are semi-customizable at no extra charge and we are happy to play with different colors and fonts to help you make these designs your own.  If you would like to order one of these sets and take advantage of this promotion please complete the house design inquiry on the page of the suite you are interested in.  We will send over a set of proofs once we have your information and can move forward from there.  Be sure to indicate in the special instructions section on which piece you would like your free color and which ink you would like us to use!

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Our Wedding

This is a post I have been meaning to write for several months now, but felt so overwhelmed by the massive amount of photos our photographers gave us that I just couldn’t sort through them all and select just a handful to share.  This is also why we have not yet ordered a wedding album, it is the end of January and we got married in September- so bad, I know.  But I finally got it together and was able to choose some of my very favorite photos to share from W day.  Yay!

My mom was our officiant and started calling our story the “Neverending Story, ” which I promptly fell in love with.  It just fits us so perfectly. Craig and I have actually known each other since kindergarten.  He even has a little Valentine I gave him when we were five- it is framed in our apartment now.  We started dating when we were 16 and have been together ever since.  There was never much doubt that we were meant to be together, and planning our wedding was so special to the both of us.  We wanted it to be a celebration of how much we love each other, the people who supported, loved and guided us along the way, and all the joy inherent in having all of your favorite family members and friends in one place at the same time.  We have never felt more loved and that will always be the best memory from our wedding.

And now for the good stuff, enjoy!

Blog-OurWedding-P1Blog-OurWedding-P2Blog-OurWedding-P3Blog-OurWedding-P4xox, A

Photography: Il Mare Photography, Venue: V. Sattui Winery, Florals: Valley Flora, Rentals: Classic Party Rentals, Catering: Grapevine, Dress: La Sposa (Farbala), Shoes: Christian Lacroix, Bridesmaid Dresses: Saison Blanche, Hair and Makeup: Lauthr.

Back from the Honeymoon!

Wow!!!  Happy 2010!  It has been almost a month since I last updated and wow have we been busy since then!  I just wanted to hop on and say that we are home from our 10 day honeymoon in the Caribbean (sort of- still in the airport and won’t touch down in SF till tomorrow) and have lots to blog about.  The last 10 days have been incredibly relaxing and stunningly beautiful but we are ready to re-enter letterpress land and get back to work!

We did a printing marathon before we left to visit our families for the holidays and have so many beautiful new suites to share.  I can hardly wait to begin posting about them!  We will also be doing our very very best to answer the flood of e-mails we got while we were away (nice to know you guys like us so much!) and will hopefully have gotten back to everyone by Tuesday morning- sorry for the delay!  We truly hope you all had a wonderful holiday, an amazing start to the new year and congratulations to all our brides who have gotten married in the past month.

And a little taste of our honeymoon until I have a chance to post more next week…


xox, A