The Etiquette Series | Wedding Etiquette Advice on the Regular


Today, we’re launching a new series on the blog! We receive so many questions on a daily basis from couples about all different aspects of wedding etiquette and so I thought a weekly installment with general tips and tricks for a well-mannered, modern wedding would make a perfect addition to our blog.

We will still have our handy, comprehensive etiquette guide up on the main site, but this will be a good stopping point for browsers and wedding lovers looking for a little extra guidance.

We like to think of ourselves as true wedding etiquette aficionados. Experts in commas, capitalization, how to say thank you, when to mail, when not to mail, how to dress, how to nudge, it goes on. We are die-hard devotees to the Crane Blue Book and groupies of the venerable Dear Abby and incomparable Emily Post. We believe in both knowing the rules and when to break them, and we’re convinced that good manners never go out of style, kind of like a great LBD with a timeless statement necklace.

We know wedding invitations are the most etiquette-intensive aspect of any wedding and we are happy to be your intrepid guides through the murky waters of host lines, abbreviations and inner envelopes.

Check back in with us later in the week for our first post on the etiquette of wedding vs. married monograms!

xo, A


2014 Internship Position Available



Now that wedding season is in high-gear for stationery folks, we need to hire an intern! We are so excited to have an extra pair of hands around the studio to join in on our paper party. We know internships are a great way to get your feet wet in an industry or field you hope to work in one day and we are looking for someone eager to learn about running a small creative business and navigating the wedding industry in particular. This position is for an in-studio intern who would like to gain some hands on experience focusing primarily on day-to-day operations and post-production, with some design mixed in. Please keep in mind that this is not a letterpress printing internship.



This position will focus on the day to day of operating a boutique wedding stationery studio. The internship will last 3-6 months, at 10 hours per week. Scheduling is flexible and can work around a class schedule. This is a paid internship.



- fulfillment of sample orders

- order packaging

- post-production tasks, including envelope lining, suite assembly and materials sourcing

- social media engagement

- pinterest combing

- errand running



Must be…

- proficient at Adobe Illustrator

- Mac-friendly (loving or adoring preferable!)

- have a love for paper, printing and typography

- creative and design/style conscious

- flexible and friendly

- curious and eager to learn

- crafty and talented with a glue runner

- local {must have transportation and ability to work in our Emeryville studio}

- student preferred


If you are interested in applying, please download the application below and email it back to us ( with your current resume included. We will be hiring on a rolling basis, so apply early!


Style Board No.8 | Quill Suite


If I had a wedding redo, I might go with a look similar to this board that inspired our Quill suite. I love that it is romantic, timeless and a little magical. Long veils, heirloom wedding rings and a venue with incredible stone architecture are what I was really drawn to when imagining this one.

I’m also obsessed with weddings that seem to retain their beauty and style even decades later because the core elements are personal and timeless. I love when couples really connect with the notion that this day is all about celebrating their love and that is the central theme. I’m also a big fan of a neutral palette; think taupes, greys, pale blushes and maybe even a smidge of a dusty lavender. And that marble envelope liner? I’d love to frame a big sheet of it and hang it on my wall. Right?

xo, A

Fontophile Files: Cantoni + Special AP Discount

I haven’t blogged about my font obsession in quite awhile, but today, friends, it is time for a little revival. One of my favorite calligraphers and all-around lettering rockstar, Debi Sementelli from Lettering Arts Studio, recently released a new font on and I am totally in love. Debi has an uncanny ability to create just the font I am dreaming about exactly when I seem to be wishing most for it to exist.

Cantoni is wonderful because it looks so utterly custom and fresh. There are tons of glyphs, stylistic alternates and ornaments to really customize whatever you are using the font for. It looks like you had a mega-talented calligrapher hand-letter something just for you. The style of Cantoni is playful, joyous, yet refined all at once. Here is how Debi describes this beauty:

Named after my large Italian family, the unique variety of letters based on my own fluid upright style of brush lettering, reminds me of every family I know. There are creative and conservative siblings, crazy in a good way cousins, affable aunts and corny joke telling uncles who somehow come together and form one cohesive unit.

Like a family gathering to celebrate a special occasion, there is a palpable sense of joy expressed through the letters and images, not unlike the sharing of good food, memorable stories and lots of laughter.

She also designed this font with the wedding industry in mind, because Cantoni includes tons of wedding-related ornaments and custom phrases. See Exhibits A and B:

And the very best news of all? Debi is offering Aerialist Press clients and readers a 40% discount on Cantoni! Just use discount code aerialist press on at checkout to get the deal. We will be adding this lovely to our font library soon, but in the meantime, please feel free to request it when placing a letterpress order with us!

xox, A

Art Deco Wedding Inspiration Shoot

This week we had the honor of having some of our work featured on Style Me Pretty alongside some of our favorite and most talented wedding vendors. This shoot was a dream to design for and probably my all time favorite. EVER. There is so much art deco inspiration out there now, especially following the release of the Great Gatsby movie, but this shoot is art deco done with style, restraint, elegance and wow; it is really art deco done so so right.

Nancy from the Oak & the Owl did an incredible job of coordinating all the different design elements and vendors. She diy’ed all those stunning starburst mirrors and created some of the most awe-inspiring florals ever. All the photos are shot with FILM by some of my dream photographers:  Josh GruetzmacherCoco TranHannah SuhEm the GemJustin ParkerMichele BeckwithSpencer Sanchez. The beauty of these photos totally makes you rethink the whole digital v. film debate, no?

The design we created for this shoot was printed with gold foil and black letterpress and is now available in our house collection as the Empire suite.

And a special shout out to  Michele Papineau who did some seriously beautiful calligraphy for our suite at the very last possible moment! Thank you!

Credits: Shoot Concept + Styling + Floral Design: Oak & the Owl | Wardrobe Styling + Coordination: Sealed with a Kiss Events | Stationery: Aerialist Press | Calligraphy: Michele Papineau | Linens: La Tavola Fine Linen Rental | Cake: Studio Cake | Gold Dress: Aidan Mattox Gown – Illusion Tulle via Bloomingdales |Hair Accessories + Belts: Amanda Judge | Earrings: Waffles and Honey | Hair + Makeup: Kristen and Gigi

xox, A

Introducing: Alex(andra) {Owner + Lady of Design}

After having our interns create their styleboards and answer our mini interview questions, I thought it might be a good idea for C and I to do the same, so you get to know the people behind the letterpress a bit better! So here’s me, styleboard style…

- What did you study in school? International relations and French as an undergrad and I went to law school afterward for funsies!
- Where do you hail from? Originally from Sacramento, CA, but I’ve been living in the Bay Area for the past 8 or 9 years.
- What is your favorite typeface? Pretty obsessed with Avanth right now.
- What is your lucky number? Lucky number is 9.
- What is your favorite Bay Area eatery? Tacubaya in Berkeley.
- What are you reading at the moment? Just finished reading The Design of Business.
- What is your favorite blog? The Daybook ( I just love her writing style and the simple but beautiful way she documents her life.
- What are your words to live by? “Being kind makes you cool”
- If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do? I would go to Zambia and stay in one of the tree houses at Tongabezi near Victoria Falls. They are insane! I might also climb up to the top of the falls and let C take my picture on the edge, if I’m feeling bold!
- Describe your personal style in three words: Eclectic, Boho, Comfortable
- Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon? On a Saturday afternoon, I can be found trying out a new lunch spot with C or basking in the sun on our patio with a smoothie.
- Where do you find inspiration? I find inspiration in old ephemera, design blogs and typography websites!
- What is one thing you love about weddings? I love that we get to create paper goods that our clients will cherish and find precious their whole lives. I love knowing that they will show their wedding invitations to their children and grandchildren some day and it will bring them back to those moments when they felt the most in love.
- Name one thing you want to do/see/try before your next birthday. Before my next birthday, I want to ride a vespa!
- What is your favorite AP design? Right now I really love Tuolumne, but it changes weekly!

In my styleboard I included a few of my favorite things, as well as some images that speak to my personal style. I love layering necklaces and have sort of a relaxed, boho, eclectic personal style. My favorite color is gray and I love vintage furniture and restoring it. The Alameda Flea is amazing for finding beautiful pieces with a feeling of history. I also love decorating my home and tend to think of the style as “Berkeley professor meets artist with a little modern restraint”- does that make sense to anyone but me? Probably not. I also love the AP and have a fascination with hot air balloons. I think bunnies make the best pets and am mildly obsessed with our mini-lop, Blondie. I have really tiny, precise handwriting, which has translated into an obsession with typography and and love for writing of all kinds. I also drink a lot of coffee, heavily sweetened. Poppies are my favorite flower, I like watercolor anything and extensive traveling is my dream.

I will post C’s board and mini-interview in a few days, he didn’t want to be left out!

xox, A

Suite Inspiration Board 7: Lovely

It’s time for another of our inspired suite board posts! Lovely is our most classic, timeless and versatile house design. It can really be adapted for any style, but the way I most like to see it styled is with glamorous, elegant details and a metallic and neutral color palette.

I am a big fan of combining subtle vintage touches with more modern elements, like a classic 60s cat-eye on an elegant bride, paired with a modern, square shaped cake with metallic details. Or a 20s beaded clutch with black nails and a chunky pearl statement necklace. Or a timeless, all script, black and white invitation juxtaposed with a sleek modern sports car as the getaway vehicle. I envision this affair taking place at a large private estate with a stunning, black and white spiral staircase, epic ballroom and romantic manicured gardens boasting a small pond with swans. I think a soft coppery peach is the perfect compliment to a black, white and metallic palette. A beaded and elaborate wedding gown and dapper groom in a tuxedo complete the black tie look. Above all, a wedding designed around the Lovely suite should be nothing short of unforgettable. Le sigh.

Happy Friday, stay lovely this weekend!

xo, A


Introducing: Marci {Design + Print Intern}

Happy Thursday! Today I’m going to share a little about our other talented intern with you, Marci! Marci will be focusing primarily on the design and print prep aspects of what we do here. We had her create the below style board to give you a visual idea of who she is and what she loves.

- What did you study in school? Visual Arts-with an emphasis in Studio Arts
- Where do you hail from? Originally from Moraga, CA
- What is your favorite typeface? Helvetica Neue Ultra Light
- What is your lucky number? Lucky number is 8
- What is your favorite Bay Area eatery? Bianca’s Deli in Moraga
- What are you reading at the moment? Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris
- What is your favorite blog?
- What are your words to live by? “All you need is 20 seconds of courage, and you can accomplish anything.” -from the movie We Bought a Zoo
- If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do? If I could travel anywhere tomorrow I would visit Ireland and see the Cliffs of Moher. 
- Describe your personal style in three words: Unique, rustic, and simple
- Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon? On a Saturday afternoon, I can be found reading a book, or watching a movie.
- Where do you find inspiration? I like to draw inspiration from magazines and design blogs. 
- What is one thing you love about weddings? My favorite things about the wedding industry are the vast differences in style each bride has, they all have their own unique touch on what they want their special day to look like. 
- Name one thing you want to do/see/try before your next birthday. Before my next birthday I hope to take a spontaneous vacation with my friends. 
- What is your favorite AP design? Harlow


And a little more from Marci about the style board she created…
My style board represents all the things I love. I did a study abroad in Siena, Italy in college, and it was one of the best experiences of my life.  The painting picture is a close up of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, I love how you can see each stroke of paint here in this photo, it reminds me of my art studies in school, and how I wished I could paint like Van Gogh, but I never quite mastered oil painting.  In school I loved making patterns in my art pieces so I included a couple of pieces I loved that I found online.  I love typography as well, and chocolate. I love the old school type used and also for some reason I am obsessed with ampersands, I just love their shape. The other photos I included represent how I am constantly looking at interior design and fashion images on Pinterest.


Welcome to the AP, Marci! We are so happy to have you join us!
xo, A
Image credit: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8

Glorifying Busy?


I was wandering around Pinterest last night (while watching the Rachel Zoe Project, love to hate it?) and stumbled across this simple quote (see above), and it really struck a chord with me. I know others have posted about this, but I haven’t spent much time thinking about what it really means to constantly be “busy,” both good and bad. So here’s my take:

I used to feel constantly busy in that harried, brink of hospitalization for exhaustion, extreme sort of way. Every day as a business owner can seem like a race from the moment I squint open my eyes, until I finally drift off to sleep. Even if I am not physically at work, I am using half my brain to think about it, worry about it, obsess over it. Only recently have we finished systemizing a lot of what we do and become so organized that we can leave the studio before 7 and enjoy being at home. This feels so incredibly luxurious and while half my brain is still occupied with business thoughts, the rest of me is enjoying some quiet and space. You would think this would be the ultimate dream. But a big part of me is simultaneously wondering, am I doing this wrong? Am I not working hard enough while enjoying the last 20 minutes of sun on the back patio, chopping fennel for dinner or catching up with randoms on Facebook? Shouldn’t I be working more? Even though I feel fully engaged with my work during the day, if I’m not actively doing something connected with it, even while at home, I feel guilty, uneasy and even a little edgy. If I’m not teetering on the farthest end of the “busy” spectrum I feel like something is WRONG. Why is that?

I think it all has to do with this glorification business. We work in an industry full of hard-working, visionary, dedicated entrepreneurs. Total badasses (yes, I said that) who I really admire. Almost everyone is legitimately BUSY in the truest sense of the word. They work until the early hours of the morning, get up before alarm actually goes off and much of the time forget to take lunch breaks. This is also me sometimes. But as I’ve been discovering that I have more time and that I don’t have to be chained to the laptop or press, I start comparing myself to my wedding industry peers and feeling like I am missing out on some important opportunity. Where is my hustle? But then seeing this quote I realized: This is ME “glorifying busy”. It’s not that everyone is glorifying their busy.  Some people are, but more importantly, I’m the one glorifying it and finding myself lacking somehow. Why do I feel like if I’m not constantly pushing myself to the edge of exhaustion that I’m not trying hard enough, even when we have an endless stream of wonderful clients and plenty of exciting projects offered to us? I think what it comes down to is that I need to redefine what I value about my work and my life and how I’m feeling. Happy, relaxed, and blissed out are not invalid and somehow inferior feelings to have. I need to start appreciating that I GET to feel those things and am at a place where I feel that way regularly. I’m realizing that I can be proud of the balance we have created in our lives. It shows a different kind of success, one that I shouldn’t feel ashamed of.

So, this is my commitment to appreciate those quiet moments when I am able, lucky enough even, to enjoy life beyond the AP. I’m going to stop glorifying busy, mine or someone else’s. I’m going to try to glorify being happy, living in the moment and feeling balanced. And when you ask me how I’m doing? I’m not going to tell you busy. Even if I am busy that day. I’m going to reply with happy, exhilarated, peaceful, blissed out, relaxed, or even sad or cranky.  Because all of those are just as good as busy, probably even better. And isn’t that the whole point?

Thanks, for listening.

xo, A



Introducing: Caitlyn {Design + Styling Intern}

This is an extra exciting post for me to write because I am introducing one of our new AP team members! This season we hired on two incredibly creative, smart and talented ladies to intern at our studio through the summer. We had so many applicants, it was really difficult to choose just two, but Caitlyn and Marci ended up being perfect fits into our Aerialist Press puzzle.

I will be sharing a little bit about each of them so you can get to know our team a little better. Today, we are staring with Caitlyn! Caitlyn will be focusing primarily on the design and styling aspects of what we do here. We had her create the below style board to give you a visual idea of who she is and what she loves.

We also asked her a few questions to get to know her a little better:

- What do you study in school? I’m studying art history!
- Where do you hail from? Originally from San Luis Obispo, CA but lived in Atlanta, GA for 6 years
- What is your favorite typeface? Fav typeface is Market Deco, because it reminds me of the 1920s
- What is your lucky number? Lucky number is 3
- What is your favorite Bay Area eatery? Fav restaurant is Sideboard in Danville, CA
- What are you reading at the moment? Re-reading a favorite, Pride and Prejudice
- What is your favorite blog? Fav blog is Anne Street Studio, by photographer Jamie Beck
- What are your words to live by? There is always time for coffee.
- If you could travel anywhere tomorrow, where would you go and what would you do? If I could travel anywhere tomorrow, I would visit Paris and spend all day between cafes and the Louvre.
- Describe your personal style in three words: Simple, casual, classic
- Where would we find you on a Saturday afternoon? Hanging out with family enjoying a baseball game
- Where do you find inspiration? Inspiration comes from a variety of things like art, nature, fashion and architecture 
- What is one thing you love about weddings? One thing I love about the weddings is the way couples make their day special by designing it to reflect their personalities – it is awesome to see couples who aren’t afraid to be creative and show attention to detail at their wedding.
- Name one thing you want to do/see/try before your next birthday. I want to see Shania Twain at Caesar’s Palace! A childhood dream! :)
- What is your favorite AP design? Derby (And the Watercolor Swash…)


And a little more from Caitlyn about the style board she created…

I began with this Mark Rothko painting that I absolutely love, and then pulled together more images that I thought complimented the natural, ethereal style of his work. I also have a thing for sequins, hand lettering and flowers… so those are in there too :) Overall I think this board shows a little bit of my personal style and taste when it comes to color, art and aesthetic. It makes me happy!  

Welcome to the AP, Caitlyn! We are so over the moon to have you join us!

xox, A

image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11